Unique Migration Safari

> 14 day Camping Safari.

> Optional: 4 day Botswana's Chobe, Moremi Extention.

> Start Kasane, Botswana - ends Victoria Falls, Zambia.


Unique once a year adventure covering Southern Africa's greatest wildebeest migration in Zambia, with the predators that follow the migration.

Experience the largest wildebeest migration in Southern Africa, equal to that of the Maasai Mara

This unique once a year wildlife safari, bring you to the remote and un-spoilt wilderness area of the Liuwa Plains National Park. Strange, but this area is still unexplored in many places, and offers some of the best predator and hyena sightings in the whole of Africa.


There is an OPTIONAL four day add-on to this safari. It includes the spectacular wildlife regions of the Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve.

 Safari Overview


> This migration of wildebeest and zebra in Zambia is the biggest in Southern Africa, only the famed Maasai Mara migration is bigger.

> Chobe sunset-cruise and game viewing.

> Spectacular Liuwa National Park wildlife.

> Beautiful Sioma Falls.

> One night comfortable lodge accommodation in Victoria Falls (Livingstone, Zambia).

> Optional:  4-days wildlife of Chobe and Moremi.

Safari route map

One of the reasons for this unique safari being only on offer during November, is the amazing wildebeest migration only occur at this time. The migration of wildebeest and zebra attract a large number of predators such as lion, hyena and jackals. Especially large numbers of hyena are to be seen. The hyena and lion are both prime predators, with the hyena being the better hunter of the two. This make for spectacular predator viewing.


Days One and Two: Departing from Botswana's Kasane around 13H00, we make our way into the Chobe National Park, to make camp at our private camping facilities. After this, we go on our first game drive.


Day two is all set aside for game viewing with an early morning game drive, and later in the afternoon to do one of the finest wildlife viewing sunset cruises in Africa, sunset on the Chobe River. Day One Meals: lunch and dinner, and day two has all three meals included.

Day Three: Departing Chobe, we make our way first into Namibia (No visa required), before we cross into Zambia (Visa required, and obtained at border post). Making our way to the scenic Liuwa Plains through teak forests, we move into the Zambezi floodplains. We travel north to the village of Kalabo. This is typical African country-side, dotted with tribal villages. After an long travel day, we camp wild in a beautiful Teak forest. Tented camping with basic ablutions Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.


Days Four to Eight: Leaving our wild camp after breakfast, we travel to the Liuwa Plains National Park. Arriving, we first make our base camp and for the next five days explore this wild wilderness area with game drives.  

The largest Zebra and Wildebeest migration in Southern Africa

Day Nine:  Departing after breakfast and our last game drive, we travel towards the scenic Sioma Falls. Tonight it is still wild tented camping.


Days Ten and Eleven: Today we arrive at the Sioma Falls, after a stop at Kalabo. This area is not that well-known to tourists, and rarely visited by travellers.


Few people know of Sioma, as its more famous sister, the Victoria Falls, get all the fame. We will spend two days exploring this spectacular area. We camp at our private camping site with toilets and hot showers. Three meals per day is included.


Days Twelve to Fourteen: Travelling along the rugged western bank of the Zambezi River, we make our way to Zambia's Victoria Falls at the town of Livingstone.


There will be more then enough time to visit the Victoria Falls, and for exploring, or to engage in the various adventure activities on offer at Vic Falls.


No tents for two nights, but bedded accommodation in an comfortable Livingstone lodge.

Our safari ends after breakfast on day fourteen around 10H00.

wildlife camping safari adventure

Visit to the Falls is optional, and also tonight's dinner is not included. Dinner could be taken at the lodge or one of the restaurants in town. Your guide will assist you.


If you require additional post-safari accommodation, transfers, or help with booking any adventure activities, please feel free to ask for assistance.  




The famed Chobe River on the northern border of Botswana, give its name to the Chobe National Park, and the river plays an very important role in the movement and migration of wildlife between the water of the Okavango Delta and grazing lands of the Moremi, Savuti and Southern Chobe's forests.


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